Now is a Great Time to Sell Your Property

If you are the owner of a hunting, fishing, weekend get-away, or recreational property and have a serious interest in exploring the possibilities of selling it, contact us. We will do the best we can to help you whether or not you choose to list your place with us.

Our commitment to you, the seller, is to out-listen all the competition, learn and understand what your property is and what it isn’t and take it to the folks that both appreciate its value and can afford to own it. 

Unlike a lot of brokers in this industry, we are very selective about the properties that we commit to marketing. We only list places that resonate with us. We have to believe in the property one hundred percent to effectively market it.

Our evaluation process is unique and we don’t establish the value of a property by crunching numbers behind a desk. We have seen a lot of ranches over the years and we have a good feel for the market, our buyers, and realistic expectations.

Although we get asked a lot to market an individual’s property—we do not always make the commitment. We are selective, but mostly we are pragmatic. So are the buyers and sellers we call clients. We chose this segment of the market because we absolutely believe in it and most of the folks who trade in it. We are continually looking for excellent properties that have a diverse blend of features, natural resources, while maintaining an appropriate established value that is representative of its features.

When you choose No Fences Land Company to market your property, you are communicating to the seriously qualified buyers who hold in the highest regard, recreational properties of excellence. Our focus is the “fiduciary” responsibility we assume with each seller we represent. It is our belief that we must serve our clients, way beyond what they are accustomed to.

We have no desire to lead our industry in number of showings. We want to sell your property and through strategic training of our Land Specialists, we spend an inordinate amount of time asking sellers questions, listening to all your answers to better understand the personal history and historical use of the land— but we pay special attention to the stories and memories that you have created.

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